I always wanted to shoot Haruka, who at 24 year old has alre

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I always wanted to shoot Haruka, who at 24 year old has already reached the super-stardom in Japans newhalf adult industry, and this time I finally did it.Haruka always looks neat and classy, just like a typical Japanese beauty. She has beautiful porcelain skin, nice hormonal breasts, long legs, delicate nape and a graceful carriage. She is a perfect specimen of newhalf she-babes!Haruka is from Shizuoka, a place known for its Teas and the snowy peak of the Fuji Mountain. She lives in Osaka now and works for a newhalf escort agency.Quite contrary from what you would expect from her quite appearances, Haruka loves drinking Sake wines and playing the Pachiko slot machines. Apparently she could easily drink any guy under the table.Haruka also loves bowling, cooking her signature dishes are curry with rice and pork stew with potato in Miso broth, and holidaying at Onsen resorts. A big fan of the action movie star Jet Lee, she likes men who are strong and protective. Shes never been abroad b

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