Mimi Dixkz Invites You To Bed

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Mimi Dixkz
American American Tgirl Big Cock Black

Mimi is already on the bed, shoes off and barefooted - her skirt riding up her thick thighs, her breasts trying to pop out from her top. Shes feeling sexy and wants to get you in the mood by doing a strip for you. Taking off her top, her big natural boobs hang free before sliding her skirt over those big buns, her smooth crack giving a glimpse of your future. She leans back on the bed, her legs high, her bare soles and toes out to see, as she pulls her low hanging ballsack back to show her dark, inviting hole. The more she shows, the harder she gets until its almost painful... and then... and only then, does she tell you to come and get it.

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