Foxy The Exhibitionist

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Foxy Sprinklez
American American Tgirl Big Cock Black

If there is one thing that gets Foxy turned on, its exhibiting her body and slowly stripping for her man. And when her man is sat back in his chair, his robe open, his cock peeking out - and she is on the bed, then her performance is about to start. She maintains eye contact throughout, slowly opening her lips and letting her tongue gently wet them, as she shows her big round ass off, by raising her dress and showing there is nothing underneath, her smooth hole is puckered and ready, her brown cheeks waiting for a touch - but not yet. As she gets hotter, she watches her man get hornier and she slides herself to the edge of the bed, hitching her clothes around her waste, and letting her titties come out - the nipples hard and waiting, her cock harder and ready. Now they are ready to play.

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