The Newly Weds

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Ciboulette and Luke London are the newly weds. Theyve just moved into their starter home and enjoying life as a new couple... and they just cant keep their hands off each other. Ciboulette is trying to be the little stay-at-home wife, making house, baking cookies and looking pretty, while Luke is out to work - but all her mind is on, is him coming through that door so he can give her some cock, and fuck her good, which is the main reason she married him! Luke walks around all day at work with a permanent boner - thinking of his gorgeous wife at home. So when he comes in thru the front door, he cares not for the tidiness, hell save the cookies for later and he just wants to get Ciboulettes cock in his mouth - but hell have to wait, as she is thinking just the same. This is one hell of a scene - great work by Moe, Luke and of course, Ciboulette.

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