Wonderful Wendy Santos

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Wendy Santos
American American Tgirl Big Cock Black

Ive got a great model for BlackTgirls Damazo emailed me. 19 years old, really cute, nice body, pretty face, big cock... you will like my friend, I promise. And Damazo, did not disappoint. He delivered this absolutely gorgeous new black model from Sao Paolo. Shes just got one of the best smiles Ive seen in some time, shes so pretty its unreal and her body, although young and still developing, is showing hints of who shes going to be. A cock thats almost too big for her body, the damage she could do with that by accident, and those long legs, muscular arms and just the beginning of boobs, make Wendy a pretty awesome first time model, and someone I cannot wait to see more of.

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