Save All Your Kisses For Me

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Kisses Karrera
American American Tgirl Big Cock Black

Kisses Karrera returns and this time she means business - and shes not taking prisoners. A tight latex suit hugs her body and those infamous curves, her breasts pouring over the top, her legs just glimpsed beneath before theyre lost in matching black PVC stiletto boots - shiny, tall and dominant. The zipper down the front of her dress is calling out, nay, screaming out to be zipped down and let the good flow free. Her boobs present themselves first, soft with a lovely shape, the nipples are dark and firm and Kisses looks at you, looking at her. She releases the zip fully and the dress falls away, showing her true magnificence. That ass, those legs, that cock, that tummy and the over all sex appeal and energy she gives out will draw you in like a moth to a flame.

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