Calling Kalli Grace

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Kalli Grace
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Whose on your fantasy speed dial! Kalli Grace would be on mine. The perfect booty call. Shed scoot over, grab a quick refresh and jump into bed with me, smothering me with sloppy kisses while rubbing her writhing body up and down on me, letting me feel her cock grow hard on my thigh and belly, while she grabs my stiff cock in one hand, and then drops under the sheets and turns on her vacuum mouth, sucking and slobbering on me. Shed then switch into a 69 so we could both enjoy each others oral skills, before shed lie back, spread her legs, and insist I fuck her deep and hard and dont stop until I cum deep into her, which will set her orgasm off also. Shell then jump out of bed, use my speed dial to get an Uber, order a pizza for and take off into the night.

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