What To Do On A Rainy Day!

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Valeria Atreides
American American Tgirl Pornstars Solo

Valeria Atreides is home on a wet and dull day. What is a girl to do for fun! She decides to call out for some delivery, not because shes hungry well not for food but to see if the cute delivery guy is working today, and maybe flirt with him to take the boredom away. When Chris arrives hes soaked through from the Los Angeles storms, and Valeria invites him in to dry off, and offers to put his clothes in the dryer. Seeing him stripped down, she decides that they can do more than just flirt, Are your boxers not wet! she asks, feeling his cock through the material. Thats all that Chris needed, and he moves in for a kiss which soon turns into an afternoon of love making, which is far more fun than what Valeria was expecting today.

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