Utterly Gorgeous

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Ember Fiera
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I am utterly enamoured by Ember Fiera. Ive always loved the content shes done for us, but this year it seems like shes just shone. Clearly, she is a very beautiful girl, but its when she smiles, with those perfect teeth, that wide mouth and those bright eyes that shes elevated to a different status. Having been able to spend some time with her at the 2023 TEAs and at X3 earlier this year, I can attest that as good as Ember looks in her shoots, she eclipses that in person. Shes got a tiny stature at 5ft 2 but her ambiance fills the room just as her sex appeal explodes out of her scenes. Try and take a look at photos of her at the TEAs to see what I mean, just utterly utterly gorgeous. Shes very sexual individual loving boys and girls, and all the spectrums in-between. Im excited to show these scenes from Buddy Wood, and excited to see more of Ember throughout this year!

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