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Welcome back everyone. This week, I had a new ladyboy come along with an old friend. You see, Tuituy had heard from others about how much fun they had doing a photoshoot with me. And she was really interested to try it out herself. Tuituys English was not the best but she was eager to make this an exciting journey for us both. She was on a mission to take the white cock challenge.There was this look on her face the very 1st moment that I took a pic in out photoshoot. It was one that says I want this big guy to fuck me. You could tell, too, by the way she constantly squirmed every time she looked at me. It was like she was wearing a cum-eating grin and she didnt even get any yet! My God man.. its like lust at first site. My heart could hardly wait to see just how good this Asian ladyboy fucks on the fist date.Fast-forward many poses later and I am presented with her fully-nude body, delicately smooth-shaved everything and a tight little round ass that begged to be tugged from below. But before we get into the meat of the story here, I presented Tuituy with my hard cock and she offered up her mouth to sort of ease things into play. She tried to suck it all. She really

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