Domme In Dorks Clothing - Part 1

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Franco Styles
Janelle Fennec 31
Melanie Brooks
Tony Orlando
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Have you heard about the new girl in town! Sweetheart Janelle Fennec might have spent her formative years abroad, but now shes back on this side of the Atlantic and determined to become the most popular girl at her new college. Challenges arise along the way, starting with Janelles very own dorky attitude. However, the cool classmates stop giving shade when they get a taste of the girls kinkier side. Janelle is a domme in dorks clothing, hungry for fame and ruthless with her competitors. In Part 1, the college girl meets her new classmates and tries to befriend them at the cafeteria. Although Melanie Brooks, the coolest student and founder of the GAG sorority Gamma Alpha Gamma rejects her, Janelle plots to seduce her boyfriend and his best friend, jock Franco Styles and Tony Orlando.

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