The Yoga CUMster

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Janelle Fennec
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There are so many types of yoga, we know its important to keep flexible, you might getall stiff. We are not sure about this workout, but it might be hot yoga, looks like Janelle Fennecs a big fan of the gym, lets begin. The yoga class starts off normally enough, blonde bombshell Janella joins clad in tight figure-hugging spandex, from our VR birds eye view, the others in the group leave and Janelle is beckoned over. Turns out that she snuck into the yoga class, now she is a naughty girl isnt she. Aha, shes stroking the guys dick, the sexy hot Janelle gets her cheeky little tits out as her long blonde hair drapes down tickling her nipples. But, whats that! Shes got a little something extra in her spandex leggings, out pops her tranny dick as she strips for action. Shes off, jerking off with a crafty tranny wank and sitting on the guy, shes stroking her throbbing cock shaft and she needs plenty more of a willy workout. This is defiantly conventional yoga, but as we see, Janelle is not your conventional girl. Wrapping her juicy lips around the guys prick shes keen to suck and lick, that big boy is loving that blowjob as she treats him to a little treat

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