Family Transformation 3 - Scene 2

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Jade Venus
Jayden Marcos
Sergeant Miles
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When Jade Venus catches her stepfather Sergeant Miles watching her blowing her boyfriend she decides to go have a word with him.Its ok when he pervs on her alone but he kind of freaked out Jayden.The stepdad just cant help it and asks if he could look at her special treat.Why does this turn her on so much!Her stepdad is such a pervert.She cant help but pulling out her stiff cock for him to jerk off to.He has such a big cock.When Jayden Marcos gets up to see where Jade went he finds her getting blown by her stepdad.This is so perverted.What kind of family is this!But Jade tells Jayden she needs his cock in her mouth and soon both men are taking turns fucking her.The stepdad is totally in heaven as he is showing off fucking his hot trans stepdaughter in front of her boyfriend and he pulverizes her asshole.In fact he fucks her so good she shoots sweet trans juice all over herself and the men reward her with a face full of jizz.

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