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Nubian Barbie
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Piper Mysterio is one of our newer male performers and it would be an understatement to say that hes enjoying his first weeks working with Omar - but there are few girls who are as exciting to him as one of our site favourites, Nubian Barbie, and when they met there was an instant spark. That spark continued throughout the shoot as Nubian posed and teased Piper, making sure he got plenty of looks at her thick ass, before getting his hands on it, so by the time she unzipped his pants, that cock was throbbing and aching to be sucked. Getting her soft lips, flicking tongue and warm mouth around Pipers cock, Nubian was at her best and savouring every second of pleasing him while getting her own oral satisfaction. They were both ready for something deeper and more fulfilling when Nubian pulled her lips off his cock, and stuck that butt high in the hair, waiting to be filled.

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