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Tiny Tara
Anal Black Hardcore Shemale and Male

Tiny Tara is unashamed of her likes. It might be en vogue to be pansexual but she knows exactly what she likes and its a good masculine man. And its a good cock on that man. Shes not a prude, give her 6 men tag teaming her, and it would be her ultimate heaven, but shell settle for a good fuck, with a guy who loves to top, and that guy today is Piper Mysterio. This is a really good, hot and sexy real sex scene from Omar. There is nothing out of the ordinary, no crazy stuff, its exactly what it says on the tin - a gorgeous black trans girl, getting topped by her man, and its an authentic look into what cis-male and trans girl sex looks like most of the time. Enjoy Tiny Tara as you watch her really enjoy getting fucked.

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