Losing My Virginity

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Dolly Rotten
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Dolly wanted you to know this was the first time shes been with a man. Genuinely. And what a man to choose to lose her virginity with, Adonis Couverture is a 6ft 1, powerful guy with a big cock to match! To be clear, Dolly has been fucked by other girls, and shes also used some pretty impressive dildos, so its not like trying to threat a baseball bat through the eye of a needle, but nevertheless, its a very different dynamic and from everything I can see in this scene, Dolly is very very much into it. Shes loving sucking on that big cock, savoring every inch as she anticipates whats it going to be like getting fucked but Adonis treats her to some hot oral first which gets her edged up and ready, so shes eagerly needing to feel him inside her. A real first for Dolly... and were there to capture it.

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