Opening Lotus

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Lotus the Vampire
Anal Black Hardcore Shemale and Male

I would so love to see Lotus with her natural hair coloring, shes got everything going on - an absolutely beautiful face with great structure, a long, lean cat-walk model body and shes a really great performer and model. I dont hate the pink hair, I just would love to see the alternative. Anyway... what a great combination. It looks like Lotus towers over Adonis, but thats only because of her shoes, shes actually a little shorter than him, but it takes a man like Adonis to get a handle on a girl like Lotus. This is a really super set from Omar, lots of hot mutual oral, lots of passion and authenticity and when they start to fuck, you can see how much Lotus is into it, as Adoniss big cock gently opens her up, and then starts a rhythm of fucking her and hitting deeply. I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I did.

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