Oksana Gets Her Oats

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Oksana K
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Horny Oksana has way too much sexual energy built up, and she cant release it without getting a guy to give her a good seeing to, and that guy is on her quick call list, and thats Piper Mysterio. She knows to really get Mysterios energy up she needs to give him one hell of a blow job, so she settles in licking and sucking and his big member, feeling him tense under her tongue as she hits the right spots, and then after he gives her a lovely rimming, which makes her squirm and writhe, she sits slowly on his cock, feeling it slide up to the hilt, her bum cheeks bouncing off his balls as she rocks up and down, getting the friction on her asshole, and the deep filling pressure inside which drives her wild. Mysterio moves her around, as he finds maximum purchase and pounds that hole, until he can take no more and squirts over Oksana.

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